Davey CrystalClear 425 Filter

Davey CrystalClear 425 Filter

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The Davey CrystalClear 425 Filter features four cartridges for greater filtration efficiency and less maintenance.

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The Davey CrystalClear 425 Filter features four cartridges for greater filtration efficiency, less maintenance and longer periods between cleaning cycles. Unlike sand filters, cartridge filters do not require backwashing and therefore is ideal for the water conscious pool owner.

The Davey CrystalClear 425 Cartridge Filter turns over up to 328,000 litres in only 8 hours and is suitable for both salt water and fresh water pools. Consisting of a chemical resistant fibreglass reinforced polypropylene tank for exceptional strength, the CrystalClear 425 Filter is built to last.

It also features a heavy duty tamper-proof clamp and a dirty indictor on a stainless-steel pressure gauge to indicate when cleaning is required.

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Further product information can also be found on the Davey website here.


• Four cartridge filters for less maintenance
• Suitable for inground and above ground salt and fresh water pools
• No backwashing required, water efficient
• Multi-handle lid design
• Chemical resistant, tough and durable
• Up to 328,000 litres water turnover in 8 hours
• 3-year warranty on the polypropylene filter body


PDF Download: Davey CrystalClear 425 Filter Brochure


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