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H5TC Controller: Comprehensive Control for Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters

The H5TC Controller seamlessly integrates the operation of a heat pump or gas heater with a controller timeclock while managing filtration through a sanitizer timeclock. It also allows the heater to operate outside of filter times if necessary.

Key Features:

  • Dual Timeclock Compatibility: Operates the heat pump or gas heater through a controller timeclock and manages filtration via a sanitizer timeclock.
  • Independent Heating Operation: Allows the heater to run outside of filtration times based on heating requirements.
  • Advanced Control Mechanism: Switches a 240Vac pump and controls a heater via a relay contact rated at 1A @ 24Vac.
  • Chlorinator Integration: Connects to a chlorinator output through a secondary power lead (2 Pin Black Cable). When the chlorinator pump output is activated, the H5TC switches on the pump and heater according to the heating times and temperature limits set on the H5TC.
  • Continuous Operation: If the chlorinator turns off, the H5TC continues to operate according to its heating times and temperature limits. The heater is switched off once the temperature limit is reached or if it is outside of heating times.
  • Heater Cool-Down: Includes a heater cool-down feature that operates the pump for an adjustable period. If the chlorinator is inactive, the unit will stop the pump and initiate an adjustable sample wait period.

The H5TC Controller ensures precise and efficient management of your pool’s heating system, maintaining optimal temperature and operational efficiency at all times.

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