AstralPool Hurlcon CA 400 Media Filter


The AstralPool Hurlcon CA Media Filter is engineered and designed in Australia for high strength, long life, optimal flow rates and easy installation.

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The AstralPool Hurlcon CA Media Filter is made in Australia using the most advanced injection moulding and assembly process of any filter. Engineered and designed for high strength, long life, optimal flow rates and easy installation and service, the AstralPool Hurlcon CA Media Filter range provides value for money and is designed for tough Australian conditions.

The AstralPool Hurlcon CA Media Filter is ideal for modern-day energy efficient high-performance pumps and produces crystal clear water using fine sand or recycled crushed glass media as the filter medium. Each filter incorporates an engineered multiport valve to direct the water flow and minimise the resistance through the filter.

The range is available in four models complete with six-way multiport valve, pressure gauge and air release, barrel unions and backwash sight glass.


• Premium 10 lateral under drain designed for low pressure loss which requires less power consumption for optimal flow rates
• Unique under drain ensures effective backwashing in less time saving water
• Fully injection moulded for high strength and longer life
• Suitable for Sand, Viron Glass and other filter media
• Suitable for variable speed pumps such as the Viron XT P320
• Unique lock ring secures valve in just seconds and enables faster and lower cost maintenance and installation
• Compact size reduces the space and room required

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Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 81.6 × 81.6 × 123.3 cm