Bianco Submersible Cutter Pump BIA-B75KA


The Bianco Submersible Cutter Pump is a submersible cutter pump used to pump sewage and soiled waste waters. It is used to cut long soft stringy solids in suspension.

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Category: SKU: LTRJN1OZ7Y


The pump is characterised by:

• Cast iron pump body, abrasive resistant double edge tungsten impeller and anti clogging plate.
• Fully automatic operation.
• Dual silicon carbide/ceramic & carbon/ceramic mechanical seals with oil lip seal
• Carry handle.
• 240V single phase motor with in-built auto reset thermal overload.
• 10m of power cable.
• Dewatering effluent and sewage containing soft stringy solids
• Domestic or industrial sewage • Flows to 410L/min
• Heads to 13 m

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