BWT B200 Pool Robotic cleaner

$1,995.40 inc. GST

Streamlined Pool Cleaning for Smaller Pools

This robotic cleaner is ideally engineered for pools up to 8 meters, regardless of shape or surface finish, delivering comprehensive cleaning coverage from the floor to the waterline. Tailor your cleaning sessions with options for a one and a half or two-hour cycle based on your pool’s specific needs, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning every time.

Equipped with four drive brushes and an additional rotating brush, this machine effectively loosens and captures debris, ensuring a spotlessly clean pool. The extra rotating brush is specifically designed for an in-depth clean of the pool floor, providing the renowned “BWT clean!”

Ease of maintenance is also a key feature. An indicator light on the transformer alerts you when it’s time to clean the filter, which is easily accessible from the top and can be cleaned without mess, simplifying the upkeep process and enhancing user convenience.

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Adjustable Suction
Precision intake valves on BWT pool cleaners are easy to adjust and can increase suction by up to two fold.

Intelligent Navigation
For an efficient pool cleaning experience, BWT robot cleaners have four large wheels that can navigate around obstacles. BWT pool cleaners are durable and reliable, making them an excellent choice for families with pools.

Optimal 4D Filtration
The 4D filter uses elastic 3D microfiber loops that vibrate to increase water flow and suction power while preventing clogs. The filter traps even the tiniest impurities.

Fuss-Free Operation
The BWT pool cleaner is easy to use and clean. With a press of a button, it cleans the pool automatically. The quick-release lever removes the filter without touching the dirty filter with your hands.

Transparent filter lid
The transparent filter lid allows you to check the filter fouling status without removing the filter from its housing. So when you take the robot pool cleaner from the pool, you can quickly see if the filter requires cleaning.

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Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 36 × 41 cm