BWT BC200+ Cordless Pool Cleaner

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Introducing the BC200 Plus: Cordless Pool Cleaner – Streamline Your Pool Maintenance with Ease

Tailored for Efficient Cleaning The BC200 Plus offers a cordless cleaning solution that excels in both everyday maintenance and quick clean-ups. It features an adjustable front wheel that optimizes the cleaning path for comprehensive coverage, enhancing the efficiency and thoroughness of each cleaning session.

Smart and Safe Operation Safety and convenience are at the forefront of the BC200 Plus design. It includes a water sensor that only activates the motor when submerged, greatly preserving battery life and ensuring safe operation. A robust magnetic switch ensures perfect sealing against water ingress, while an LED battery indicator provides real-time status updates and alerts you when only 10 minutes of cleaning power remain.

Innovative Debris Management This cleaner is equipped with a bagless debris compartment that features a spacious textile mesh capable of capturing a large volume of debris. This design not only minimizes the frequency of emptying but also simplifies maintenance, making your pool care routine effortless.

Compact and Convenient Design The BC200 Plus is both compact and lightweight, making it extremely easy to transport and maneuver in and out of the pool. This enhances its usability and makes it a practical option for any pool owner.

Versatile and Effective Across All Pool Types Designed to accommodate pools up to 24ft / 7.3m in diameter or 484ft² / 45m² in area, the BC200 Plus is effective in both flat-bottom in-ground and above-ground pools. Its ability to adapt to various pool shapes and surfaces makes it a versatile choice for diverse pool settings, ranging from small residential to larger commercial facilities.

Effortless Pool Maintenance Experience Whether managing a private residential pool or overseeing a larger commercial facility, the BC200 Plus ensures a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly cleaning experience. Enjoy pristine pool conditions with minimal effort as the BC200 Plus takes on the demanding tasks of pool maintenance, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy your clean and inviting pool environment.

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