BWT D200 Pool Robotic Cleaner

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Enhance Your Pool Experience with BWT Robotic Cleaners

Your pool mirrors the sophistication of your lifestyle, and you expect only the finest in every detail. This is why BWT introduces the PLine range, a series of robotic pool cleaners that blend unmatched performance with sleek design and intelligent functionality, specifically designed for discerning homeowners.

Features Include:

  • Unmatched Suction Power: Delivers deep and comprehensive debris removal.
  • Superior Filtration Performance: Among the best available, ensuring your pool water remains crystal clear.
  • Perfectly Suited for Any Pool: Tailored to enhance cleanliness and clarity across all pool types.
  • Easy Maintenance: Features a top access design for hassle-free filter cleaning.
  • Agile on All Surfaces: Offers excellent traction for smooth navigation and complete surface coverage.
  • Fast Cleaning: Efficient processes reduce cleaning time and maintain impeccable pool hygiene.

Opt for the BWT PLine range, where aesthetic elegance meets functional excellence, creating the pinnacle of pool cleaning experiences.

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Breezer technology & Ultimate power
This is the Ultimate Power system, the ideal solution for fast, optimised travel, unrivalled reliability, and unmatched cleaning.

Smart Navigation and fast cleaning
BWT robots move quickly and clean fast. They feature the intelligent and exclusive Smart navigation system.

Among the finest filtration performances on the market
The 4D filter consists of elastic 3D microfibre loops, which, coupled with the vibrating motion, maximises water throughput.

Fast cleaning
Using a gyroscope and an algorithm, the navigation system scans and detects obstacles then computes the cleaning path.


Model No.

BWT D200 Robot

Pool Size For pools up to 10 m long (any shape or surface finish)
Cleaning type Floor, walls and waterline
Cleaning cycle duration 2 hours
Filter type 4D, hyperfine microfibre
Filter access Top Access, Easy push button
Type of brushes 4 PVA brushes
Extra brush Vibrating PVC brush
Navigation system Smart Navigation
Gyroscope Yes
Power supply ≺ 29 Volt, SPS Basic
Power consumption ≺ 150 Watt
Platform Dual drive, Breezer technology
Suction flow rate 19 m³/h
Cable length 18 m, premium grey
Anti-tangle swivel Yes
Adjustable intake Yes, Higher suction power
External timer capability Yes, also compatible with external WiFi
Dimensions (L x W x H) 39.1 x 46.9 x 26.8 cm
Weight 11 Kg
Storage accessory Premium Caddy
Guarantee 2 Years

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 27 × 40 × 47 cm