BWT PK Turbo Cordless Pool Cleaner

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Introducing the PK Turbo Cordless Pool Cleaner: Your Comprehensive Solution for Pool Maintenance

Optimized for Versatility and Power The PK Turbo Cordless Pool Cleaner is designed to efficiently tackle a broad range of cleaning tasks. Whether it’s large leaves or fine sediment, its powerful suction and adaptable design ensure superior performance on all pool surfaces and types of debris, making it suitable for any cleaning requirement.

Smart Features for Enhanced Usability This cleaner is equipped with an intelligent LED indicator that provides real-time updates on operational status, including readiness, clogging, and battery levels, ensuring a smooth and efficient cleaning process. Automatic ON/OFF operation, triggered by a water sensor, adds to the convenience and energy efficiency of the device.

Safety and Adaptability Safety is paramount with the PK Turbo, which features a waterproof magnetic switch ensuring safe operation under all conditions. Its removable and flexible extensions facilitate cleaning in narrow or curved areas, allowing for comprehensive coverage and adaptability to various pool shapes.

Advanced Cleaning Technology The PK Turbo includes a built-in safety mechanism that stops the blades if clogging occurs, thus protecting the motor and extending the cleaner’s lifespan. An underside brush helps dislodge stubborn debris, enhancing the cleaning effectiveness, while smooth-gliding ball-bearing wheels and a strong swiveling metal handle (compatible with a standard Australian telescopic pole, not included) improve maneuverability and ease of use.

Superior Filtration Equipped with three types of filters—standard for leaves and twigs, fine for sand and grass, and cartridge filters designed for silt and algae—the PK Turbo offers versatile filtration options. The patented pleated cartridge filter is specifically engineered to capture fine sand and sediment, ensuring a thoroughly clean pool bottom.

Ideal for Any Pool Environment Whether you are maintaining a residential backyard pool or managing a larger commercial facility, the PK Turbo offers a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly cleaning solution. It ensures your pool remains impeccably clean with minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy a pristine swimming environment without the hassle.

Experience Peace of Mind With the PK Turbo Cordless Pool Cleaner, experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pool maintenance is in good hands. Enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of this comprehensive pool cleaning solution, designed to meet all your pool maintenance needs effortlessly.

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