COSMY BOT 250 – Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Introducing COSMY the Bot 250: Ultimate Cleaning for Larger Pools

Advanced Cleaning Technology Designed to handle pools up to 12 meters, COSMY the Bot 250 excels in delivering thorough cleaning from the floor to the waterline. This model is equipped with cutting-edge two-stage planetary gear technology, enhancing both efficiency and precision, while dual drive motors and a robust pump position COSMY as a leader in reliability among robotic pool cleaners.

Speed and Efficiency The advanced planetary gear system promotes rapid and streamlined navigation through your pool, ensuring top-notch cleaning performance and unmatched reliability. COSMY operates using a smart, rapid travel mode that not only speeds up the cleaning process but also optimizes energy usage, delivering spotless results efficiently.

Smart Control Features Stay connected and in control with COSMY’s integrated Bluetooth module. Manage your pool cleaning tasks effortlessly with the BWT Best Water Home App, downloadable at no cost from the AppStore or PlayStore. This connectivity is ideal for precise spot cleaning, allowing you to quickly address specific areas that need attention, such as removing debris blown into the pool.

Experience the new standard in pool cleaning with COSMY the Bot 250, combining sophisticated technology with user-friendly features to keep your pool immaculately clean with minimal effort and maximum convenience.

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The COSMY 250 robot is your new best friend in pool maintenance, providing complete cleaning for any pool up to 18m long.

But that’s not all – COSMY is packed with integrated technology to ensure your pool is sparkling clean.

You can customize your cleaning schedule to fit your needs with its three cleaning cycles. And the best part? You can control it all from the palm of your hand with the mobile app.

This lightweight pool cleaner glides through your pool, leaving behind only crystal-clear waters for you to bask in. With its exceptional mobility and hyper-filtration, it’s like having your own pool genie at your fingertips.

The COSMY 250 offers an extra year of warranty and comes with a handy transport cart for easy storage. And let’s talk about the colours! With eight gorgeous shades available, finding one that speaks to your soul is easy. Blue for serene vibes, green for a touch of nature, or pink for a pop of fun. Go ahead and indulge your colour cravings!

Say goodbye to murky waters and hello to summer fun with this little gem. Get yours today, and let the magic begin!

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