Daisy ThermoTech™ Foam Pool Covers


A Daisy ThermoTech™ Thermal Pool Cover can significantly reduce your costs for heating, cleaning, chemicals, maintenance and even water.

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The temperature of an uncovered pool will fall by as much as 6ºC overnight – every night. A Daisy ThermoTech™ Thermal Pool Cover can cut that heat loss by up to 75% – and can reduce your total heating bills by 30 – 40%. A ThermoTech™ Pool Cover will cut evaporation by up to 97% – substantially lowering water usage Reduce chemical costs by up to 50%. Corrosive condensation in indoor pools is virtually eliminated when a Daisy ThermoTech™ Pool Cover is fitted – reducing overall maintenance costs. Outdoor pools will be easier to clean, with less debris and leaves to remove.

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