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Renowned for their pool and spa ozone products DelOzone are the trusted leader in providing safe and effective means of generating ozone in an environmentally sound manner.

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• Ozone generation of 50mg/h or .05g/h
• Available in AMP, C38 & JJ cord options
• Small, compact and simple to install
• Optional mixing de gas vessel available to eliminate excess ozone gas allowing
• higher levels of ozone to enter the water
• Includes a backflow prevention device to significantly increase the life of your ozone unit
• Helps to reduce routine maintenance as it keeps the water cleaner for longer by oxidizing oils and other organic compounds
• Ozone is a no fuss solution that adds itself to the water without any user intervention
• Lower operating costs than traditional ozone systems.


PDF Download: DelOzone MCD-50 Brochure

User Manual

PDF Download: DelOzone MCD-50 Manual


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