Insnrg Di 80 Ultra Fine Cartridge Filter

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Insnrg Di 80 Cartridge Filter: Sparkling Pool Water with Low Maintenance and Water Conservation

Clean and Healthy Swimming Water The Insnrg Di 80 Cartridge Filter ensures your pool water remains clean and healthy for you and your family. Equipped with four high-quality filter elements, it effectively captures debris and organic material, providing a sparkling pool while minimizing the nutrients that promote algae and bacteria growth.

High-Performance Filtration Designed to handle the most demanding pool applications, the large filtration capacity of the Di 80 Cartridge Filter removes finer particles than sand and other media filters. This results in superior water clarity and reduces the frequency of regular maintenance.

Economical and Eco-Friendly The Insnrg Di 80 Cartridge Filter is economical to install, as it requires no backwash line. This design not only simplifies installation but also conserves water by eliminating the need for backwashing. Cleaning the filter elements without backwashing saves treated and heated pool water, reducing chemical and energy costs and saving thousands of liters of water each year.

Low Maintenance The robust design of the Di 80 Cartridge Filter allows for extended periods between cleanings. Regular maintenance can be reduced to as little as once or twice a year, making it a convenient and efficient choice for pool owners.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Filtration: Captures finer particles for the clearest, cleanest water.
  • Chemical and Energy Savings: Eliminates backwashing, saving on chemicals and energy costs.
  • Economical Installation: No backwash line required, reducing installation costs.
  • Water Conservation: Reduces water usage during cleaning, saving thousands of liters annually.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires cleaning only once or twice a year, minimizing maintenance time.

Invest in Quality and Efficiency Choose the Insnrg Di 80 Cartridge Filter for a reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly filtration solution. Enjoy sparkling, healthy swimming water with minimal maintenance and significant water conservation.

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LARGE FILTER AREA The larger the filter area, the better the water flow and greater the time between cleaning, saving time, water and money!

SAVES WATER Your pool water needs to be continuously cleaned by passing the water through your filter. Debris such as dust, leaves, hair, flowers, pollen, and sunscreen are continuously being deposited in your water. Over time your filter gets clogged with this debris and requires cleaning. The vast size of the filter area within your Li Cartridge Filter significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning, also saving your precious pool water. Other types of pool filters will require a monthly clean that uses around 1,000 litres of pool water per clean, or 12,000 litres per year. With an Li Cartridge Filter cleaning may be reduced to as little as once a year and you use tap or tank water to clean saving you on topping up your pool. What a fantastic idea!

SPARKLING WATER High-quality filter elements collect finer debris than sand filters, resulting in sparkling clean water that reduces chlorine demand. Be confident that your pool is clean and healthy, ready for your family to swim.

SAVES ENERGY The large surface area of the four filter elements means water is passed through the elements with less resistance and lower pressure in the filtration system. This means a smaller pump can be selected or a lower operating speed used on variable speed pumps, reducing the energy consumption of the pool pump. Lower pressures also increase durability and life for your pool equipment.

DURABLE AND EASY MAINTENANCE Durability is achieved with a high quality reinforced corrosion-proof body combined with stainless steel clamp and easy to install and maintain barrel unions. Large handles make the lid easier to remove when cleaning is required.

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