Insnrg Mi Sand Media Pool Filter – Mi 320 (600mm c/w 50mm MPV)

$1,380.00 inc. GST

Superior Filtration for Clean, Healthy Swimming Water

The right filter is essential for providing clean, healthy swimming water for you and your family. By removing organic material from your pool, the Insnrg Mi Sand Media Pool Filter not only enhances the appearance of your water but also eliminates the nutrients that algae and bacteria need to thrive.

Natural Sand Filtration Sand filtration has been a trusted method for many years, effectively mimicking natural processes. Water gently flows through a bed of natural sand, which captures debris and particles, allowing your water to sparkle with clarity.

Easy Maintenance with Multiport Valve One of the key benefits of a sand filter is the inclusion of an easy-to-use multiport valve. This feature simplifies the cleaning process, making filter maintenance quick and hassle-free.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Filtration: Removes organic material and particles, ensuring crystal-clear water.
  • Healthier Swimming Environment: Reduces the food sources for algae and bacteria, promoting a safer pool.
  • Natural Filtration Process: Uses sand to mimic nature’s filtration, providing effective debris removal.
  • Easy Maintenance: The multiport valve allows for effortless cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Invest in Quality Filtration Choose the Insnrg Mi Sand Media Pool Filter – Mi 320 (600mm c/w 50mm MPV) for a reliable and efficient filtration system that keeps your pool water clean and healthy. Enjoy the benefits of natural sand filtration and easy maintenance, ensuring your pool is always ready for a refreshing swim.

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The Mi Sand Filter tank has been manufactured in one piece to eliminate any possible leakage between joins that are glued or welded together.


High density corrosion proof plastic has been used during manufacture to ensure the sand filter tank can withstand the demands of today’s high performance pumps. The shape and depth of the Mi Sand filter is engineered to enable the correct quantity of filter media to ensure the finest particles are removed from your pool water.


The multiport valve (MPV) provides many options for you to control the direction of your pool water for superior results. Easy to clean using the Backwash and Rinse functions and well positioned sight glass will make the necessary cleaning quick, easy and not a chore. Maintenance, even though infrequent, is aided by the easy to remove hinged clamp band and quick disconnect barrel unions saving time and money when it is required.


The Mi Sand filter incorporates a large underdrain and options of 50mm (2”) water connections to enable higher flow rates using less energy from your pump. Higher water flow means your pool water is turned over in less time,
allowing you to operate your pool pump less hours each day.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 63 × 80 × 63 cm