Insnrg QI1100 1hpVariable Speed Pool Pump

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Efficient and Reliable Pool Pumping

The swimming pool pump is the heart of your pool, ensuring proper water circulation through the filter and chlorinator for superior water quality. As one of the hardest working products in your home, the pool pump requires careful consideration before purchase. The Insnrg Qi Variable Speed Pool Pump is meticulously designed to minimize operating costs, extend the life of the pump and other pool equipment, all while maintaining low noise levels.

Why Choose a Variable Speed Pump?

Variable Speed Pumps have become the standard for swimming pool filtration systems. They offer the versatility to provide the ideal flow rate for filtration, a higher flow rate for backwashing the filter, and a different flow rate for specialized components such as heating and water features. A fully variable speed pump like the Insnrg Qi1100 can easily adapt to provide the perfect flow rate, reducing energy costs by over 80%.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: Reduce energy costs by over 80% with a fully variable speed pump.
  • Optimal Performance: Adjusts to provide the ideal flow rate for filtration, backwashing, and other components.
  • Low Noise Levels: Designed to operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful pool environment.
  • Longer Equipment Life: Extends the lifespan of the pump and other pool equipment through efficient operation.

Professional Installation for Maximum Savings

Your pool professional will ensure that your new Insnrg Qi Variable Speed Pool Pump is installed and set up perfectly to match your pool size, plumbing, and pool appliances. This guarantees the highest possible energy savings and optimal performance, making it a smart investment for any pool owner.

Invest in Quality and Efficiency

Choose the Insnrg Qi1100 1hp Variable Speed Pool Pump for an energy-efficient, reliable, and quiet pool pump that enhances the performance and longevity of your pool system.

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The Qi range of pumps have four speed settings that are all fully adjustable, meaning you can set-up the pump to exactly the flow it needs for all your different applications. If you have a suction cleaner, program the speed so it operates perfectly, a sand filter will require a lower speed for normal filtration and a higher speed for backwashing.


Operating the Qi pump at the lower speeds not only saves you significant energy and reduces your electricity bills, the slower the pump, the quieter the motor noise. Now you can install your Qi pump and eliminate noise intrusion for your family and neighbours.


Most pool equipment is installed outdoors without any protection from the weather. Insnrg insist on using the highest quality components and have designed and built the Qi range to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Stainless Steel hardware, UV resistant components and precision engineering all help to extend the life and improve the durability of your Qi pump.


The Qi Variable Speed Pump is possibly one of the few appliances that pays for itself. With energy savings of over 80%, your power costs are cut by between $750 and $1000 a year (over a single speed pump) which means your new pump can pay for itself in less than 2 years. Just keep accumulating the savings over the life of your new Qi Pump!


A swimming pool and spa pump rotates at high speed which can create high temperature and wear to critical components. Insnrg designers have created a unique internal weir which assists priming and helps eliminate heat adding to the durability of the pump. The unique weir specifically assists priming when your pump is operating at low speed.


The Qi pump is available in two models that enables you to choose the right size for your pool for the best performance.


Your Qi pump is simply connected to Insnrg’s inTouch automation system allowing control at your fingertips on any smart device. Add the inTouch Portal to your system and you will be able to connect anywhere in the world using your home network. Imagine the peace of mind when able to adjust your pump and monitor its operation from wherever you are.

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