Insnrg Ui UVC Sanitiser

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Insnrg Ui UVC Sanitiser: The Ultimate Pool Water Steriliser for Your Family

Unmatched Pathogen Elimination The Insnrg Ui UVC Sanitiser is the most effective solution for sterilizing your pool water, killing pathogens at the speed of light. This environmentally friendly UV sterilisation method eradicates 99.9% of germs and algae present in your pool or spa water.

Enhanced Water Quality with Reduced Chemical Use While a residual sanitizer like chlorine is still necessary to handle organic matter entering the pool, the Ui UVC Sanitiser can significantly reduce chlorine consumption by up to 80%. This not only makes your pool water healthier but also more enjoyable.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective Pathogen Control: Kills 99.9% of pathogens at the cellular DNA level.
  • Eliminates Chloramines: Removes unpleasant chloramines and ammonias, improving water quality.
  • Reduced Chemical Use: Cuts down the need for high levels of chlorine or other sanitizers by up to 80%.
  • Stable Water Balance: Minimizes impact on pH and other critical water balance measures.
  • Cost Savings: Lowers the overall cost of operating your pool by reducing chemical usage.

Healthier, Cleaner Pool Water Insnrg’s Ui UVC Pool Sanitiser ensures your pool is cleaner and healthier than ever. Enjoy the benefits of a reduced chemical load, fewer unpleasant odors, and a more stable water balance, all while maintaining a safe and inviting swimming environment.

Invest in Superior Water Quality Choose the Insnrg Ui UVC Sanitiser for an effective, environmentally friendly solution to pool water sterilisation. Ensure your pool remains a safe and enjoyable space for your family, with cleaner water and lower operating costs.

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CLEANEST POOL WATER The Ui UVC Pool Sanitiser eliminates virtually all pathogens as water passes the UV lamp by destroying their DNA. Only very low levels of chlorine or other sanitisers are then required to deal with any organic debris that might enter the pool. UV light in the spectrum of 200 to 280 nanometers has long been known as the most effective steriliser. Unlike most pool water sanitisers, UV does not change the water chemistry which means you add less balancing chemicals and save on operating and maintenance costs.

THE NOSE KNOWS The bi-products of sanitising your pool such as combined chlorine and ammonias can lead to the nasty “chlorine” smell and unhealthy water. UV eliminates these bi-products leaving you with odourless, healthy and crystal clear pool water. Now lnsnrg brings you this technology in a small, affordable and easy to install package, suitable for any residential swimming pool or spa.

HALF THE SPACE, TWICE AS ACE! The unique two-pass design means pool water stays in contact with the UV chamber twice as long as conventional UV devices and uses less power. While many similar units take almost a metre of installation space, the Ui UVC Pool Sanitiser uses less than 300mm.

UNIQUE TWO PASS DESIGN Uses less installation space and a high-intensity UV lamp to kill 99.9% of pathogens.

PLUG AND PLAY Your Insnrg Ui UVC Pool Sanitiser comes with an electronic ballast and is ready to install in any swimming pool or spa filtration system. It simply plugs into a standard GPO.

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