MS3D-WL Multi Solar Controller

$999.00 inc. GST

The MS3D-WL Multi Solar Controller is expertly crafted to offer year-round automatic control of your solar pool heating system. It uses a pump and a simple one-pipe-up, one-pipe-down solar collector setup, making it ideal for installations where solar collectors are up to 50 meters away from the pool equipment.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Solar Heating Control: Provides efficient, year-round management of your solar pool heating system for optimal performance.
  • Extended Reach: Ideal for setups with solar collectors located up to 50 meters from the pool equipment.
  • Solar Panel and Roof Sensor: Includes a solar panel with a roof sensor unit that can be easily placed on the roof or eaves for precise temperature detection.
  • Real-Time Clock: Features a supercapacitor-backed real-time clock to maintain time and critical operation data even after short power outages.
  • Smart Sensing: Periodically checks if the water from the solar collector can effectively heat the pool, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Programmable Blackout Period: Allows for a customizable stop and start time, enhancing control and efficiency by preventing automatic pump operation during specified periods.

Warranty: Backed by a reliable warranty for consistent performance and peace of mind.

Enhance your pool heating efficiency with the MS3D-WL Multi Solar Controller, designed for easy installation, extended reach, and dependable year-round operation.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm