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Bring some life to your Spa or Pool with Spa Electric’s SE3 Surface Mounted Lights! Easy to install and different coloured lenses available to suit all tastes!

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Spa Electrics SE3 Lights only protrudes 70mm from the surface!

To find out more about this product and discuss your exact requirements, please call Pump Shop today to talk to one of our friendly pool and spa equipment experts.

Further product information can also be found on the Spa Electrics website here.


• Suitable for Concrete, Fibreglass and Vinyl lined pools.
• Kits for vinyl lined and fibreglass pools available..
• Slotted Rim allows water flow to eliminate stagnant water and to aid cooling.
• Can be used as a suction point, complying with AS2610.
• Choice of Rim colours including : Black, Grey, Ivory, White or Taupe. (Brown optional)
• Interchangeable coloured lenses available in Blue, Green, Red, Magenta and Clear.
• Simple installation and one screw mounting for ease of service.
• 18 metres of heavy duty 2.5mm2 cable to reduce voltage drop and ensure maximum light output.
• Unique electrical connection, so power cable does not intrude into light cavity – eliminates a possible source of water entry.
• IPX8 waterproof rating.
• Extra low voltage : 12 volts, 100 watts. (24 volts, 150 watts for replacement lights or export orders).
• Designed and Manufactured in Australia.
• Patents Apply.


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