TPS poolCHEM-1


The TPS poolCHEM-1 is an ideal alternative to salt water pool chlorinators for those people who prefer to swim in fresh water.

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The new advanced design of the TPS poolCHEM-1 controller makes this unit superior and yet easier to use than other brands. The TPS poolCHEM-1 is the culmination of over 30 years manufacturing experience.

The poolCHEM-1 has 1 inbuilt peristaltic pump, which can be set up to control ORP or pH. A 24V DC output is provided for controlling the other channel.

For example:
• Control liquid Chlorine with the inbuilt pump and use the 24V DC output to control a Carbon Dioxide valve for pH Control.
• Control pH with acid using the inbuilt pump and use the 24V DC output to control a larger Chlorine dosing pump (external relay may be required).

Input Watts

Pool Type

Pool Size
Small to Large

220- 240

Flow Rate
6L / hr


• Waterproof construction rated to IP65.
• Memory for 2300 stored readings, with automatic data logging facility.
• Graphic display mode makes the data east at a glance.
• Automatic Calibration
• Configure with pool size for quick set-up.
• Operates off a single AC/DC power supply. No electrical installation required.
• Quick-dose function.
• Temperature readout.
• Supplied complete with Sensor / Injection pipe fitting.

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