TS01- Temperature Sensor Digital Roof (Hot) 20M

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Heavy Duty Polypropylene Temperature Sensor for Roof (Hot) – Digital Compatibility with V1, V2, V4, V5, V7, AS2, AS3 Models

Enhanced Durability and Performance The Temperature Sensor Roof (Hot) 20M is built for exceptional durability and reliable performance in challenging environments. Constructed from heavy-duty polypropylene, this sensor is designed to withstand the harsh conditions commonly found on rooftops, including intense heat and direct sunlight.

Advanced Compatibility This digital temperature sensor is compatible with a wide range of controller models, including V1, V2, V4, V5, V7, AS2, and AS3. Its broad compatibility makes it an ideal choice for integrating into existing solar energy systems, allowing users to easily upgrade or replace their current sensors without any compatibility issues.

Precision Temperature Monitoring Engineered for precision, the Temperature Sensor Roof (Hot) delivers accurate temperature readings essential for optimizing the performance of solar heating systems. This high level of accuracy ensures that solar controllers can make precise adjustments to maintain system efficiency and effectiveness.

Long-Range Functionality Equipped with a 20-meter cable, this sensor offers extensive reach, providing flexible installation options on various roof setups. The extended length is particularly advantageous for larger residential or commercial properties, where the distance between the solar panels and the system controller can be significant.

Easy Installation and Maintenance The robust construction of this temperature sensor ensures longevity and simplifies both installation and maintenance. The heavy-duty material reduces the risk of damage during setup and minimizes the need for frequent replacements.

Ideal for Various Applications Whether managing a residential, commercial, or industrial property, this temperature sensor is an excellent choice for monitoring and controlling rooftop temperatures in solar heating systems. Its reliability, high compatibility, and precision offer a comprehensive solution for temperature management in solar applications.

Enhance your solar system’s efficiency and reliability with the Temperature Sensor Roof (Hot) 20M – your dependable choice for high-quality, accurate temperature monitoring.

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