BWT PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner

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Introducing the PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner: The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Pool Maintenance

Effortless Operation for Maximum Convenience The PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner revolutionizes your pool maintenance routine with its user-friendly design. Featuring a one-button opening system, this cleaner allows easy access to its internal components, simplifying maintenance for both seasoned users and those new to pool cleaning.

Enhanced Debris Capacity for Effective Cleaning Designed to handle significant volumes of dirt and leaves, the PK Swift boasts a large debris capacity. This capability reduces the frequency of cleanouts, ideal for pools in leafy environments or those that naturally accumulate a lot of debris, thereby enhancing the overall cleaning efficiency.

Designed for Safety and Longevity Safety and durability are core features of the PK Swift. It includes a waterproof magnetic switch that ensures a perfect seal to prevent water ingress, thus enhancing the cleaner’s durability and operational safety. A quick water release valve with an integrated filter also speeds up water drainage and effectively traps debris, streamlining the cleaning process.

Customizable Filtration Options The PK Swift is equipped with two types of filters—a standard filter for large debris and a fine filter for smaller particles. This dual-filter setup allows for customized cleaning tailored to the specific needs of your pool, ensuring optimal cleanliness.

Powerful Cleaning Performance With its innovative round suction mouth, the PK Swift delivers enhanced suction power, efficiently removing heavy and stubborn debris from your pool floor. This design guarantees a thorough cleaning in every session.

Convenient Connectivity This cleaner easily attaches to any standard Australian telescopic pole (not included), extending its reach and ensuring easy maneuverability across your pool surface without the need for direct contact with water.

Ideal for Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Whether you’re conducting routine cleaning or tackling more intensive tasks, the PK Swift Cordless Pool Cleaner offers a seamless, powerful, and efficient cleaning solution. Enjoy a consistently pristine pool with minimal effort, thanks to the advanced features and user-friendly design of the PK Swift. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of the PK Swift for all your pool cleaning needs.

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