COSMY BOT 200 – Robotic Pool Cleaner

$1,995.00 inc. GST

Discover COSMY the Bot 200: Superior Pool Cleaning for Larger Spaces

Designed for Extensive Pool Maintenance COSMY the Bot 200 is meticulously crafted for pools up to 12 meters, delivering comprehensive cleaning of the floor, walls, and waterline. It’s equipped with advanced two-stage planetary gear technology that boosts both efficiency and precision. Supported by dual drive motors and a robust pump, COSMY is recognized as one of the most reliable robotic cleaners on the market.

Optimized for High Performance The sophisticated planetary gear system enables rapid, streamlined navigation across your pool, ensuring unparalleled cleaning performance and unmatched reliability. This system allows COSMY to cover extensive areas efficiently, maintaining consistent cleaning excellence.

Energy-Efficient Cleaning COSMY robotic cleaners are engineered for fast and logical navigation, enhanced by powerful suction capabilities. This combination not only speeds up the cleaning process but also optimizes energy use, delivering immaculate results while reducing energy consumption.

Enhanced Connectivity The COSMY 200 and 250 models are enhanced with Bluetooth technology, allowing for effortless control via the BWT Best Water Home App, available for free on the AppStore and PlayStore. This feature is perfect for precise spot cleaning, enabling you to quickly direct the cleaner to specific areas needing attention, such as removing wind-blown debris, ensuring your pool is spotless with minimal effort.

With COSMY the Bot 200, experience a new level of pool cleaning efficiency and convenience, ensuring your larger pool remains pristine and inviting with minimal effort.

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The future of pool cleaning is COSMY – The COSMY 200 pool cleaning robot with its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology!

This is the ultimate solution for keeping your pool sparkling clean all season long. It tackles the bottom, walls, and pesky waterline for pools up to 12m long!

Plus, with its sleek and customizable design, it’s like having a personal robot butler for your pool. So sit back, relax, and let COSMY do the dirty work.

With its three cleaning cycles, taking 1h30, 2h00 or 2h30 depending on the dirt level, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Its light weight only 5.75 kg means it’s easy to handle and won’t tire you out. Plus, with the convenience of the BWT app, you can program it in real-time and even choose which colour matches your mood.

So let the COSMY 200 robot take over your pool duties and relax in your sparkling-clean oasis.


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Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 37 × 20 × 40 cm